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Source dating system

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or ' Year of Our Lord'), in dating historical events.This designation, it is claimed, is nothing more than an attempt to "remove Christ from the calendar" in keeping with the "subversive" effects of political correctness.Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE) reformed the calendar and renamed the months during his reign (49-44 BCE).This calendar remained in use, with periodic revisions, until 1582 CE when Pope Gregory XIII instituted the Gregorian Calendar still in use in the present day.If the Terra calendar year was 2005 then the Imperial Dating System Year would be 005.This is the millennium in which the event occurred.The use of BCE/CE, opponents claim, is offensive to Christians who recognize time as dated up to, and away from, the birth of Jesus.

This method of dating was continued by the Romans who counted their years according to three different systems in different eras: from the founding of Rome, by which consuls were in power, and by which emperors ruled at a given time.Rather than dividing the year into approximately 365 days like we do, the Imperium divides the year into 1000 fractions.So, "549" indicates the 549th part of 1000 parts of the year.A 6 means that the individual or organization was in contact with a 5 source.A 7 means that the event in question occurred within 10 years of the date listed in the rest of the Imperial date.("in the year of the world") which dates events from the beginning of the creation of the earth as calculated through scripture.